Need massive targeted content for your site to attract visitors and advertisers?

iForumz, the leading provider of content & community for websites, announces the general availability of iForumz Platform for Partners©. For the first time, any website has access to 100,000 or more fresh content pages, highly tuned to website's members interests and demographics. The content is sourced from usenet newsgroups, offering some of the richest, focused and invaluable message exchange content on the internet. With the iForumz platform, this content is carefully integrated into one of the most popular and user-friendly web messaging interface available today.

Websites can add just the right type of usernet discussions to their content, and encourage repeat visitors through community, personalization, and alert features.

Revenue Sources: iForumz Platform for Partners© can incorporate website's high value revenue sources into targeted channels. This is the key to turning traffic into revenues.

Visit our Products Page for a sampling of existing forumz, which can be adapted to your site. We also offer many other targeted content packages, so make sure to contact us with your specific requirements. Also sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest announcements.

Please visit the following forumz. Some are under construction and will be ready soon: Graphics Forums, Boating Forums, Windows Forums, Digital Camera Forums, Windows Security Forums, Windows Server Forums, Job Finder, Game Forums, Browser Forums, XBOX Blog, Book Discussions, XP Problem Solving, Pet Problems, and Car Problems.

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